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ART LockJack Sport Ascender Descender. For use with 11mm-13mm Ropes

ART LockJack Sport Ascender Descender. For use with 11mm-13mm Ropes
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The LockJack provides one of the smoothest ascents and descents when using 11mm-13mm climbing lines in a Moving Rope System. The device stays close to the climber with the short attachment point and can be installed midline. The clutch and other parts of the device are replaceable.

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The Lockjack is an advanced mechanical split-tail that, unlike any climbing knot, allows free passage of the climbing line for near-effortless ascent and limb-walking activities. Whether you prefer body-thrusting your line above or footlocking your line below, or a foot ascender, the Lockjack advances hands free! 

For body-thrusting, the Lockjack requires only a few pounds of rope beneath to drain slack through the device, leaving hands free to advance up the line above without need to manually manage any knot. Once in the crown, this feature allows the climber to hand-over-hand their slack while moving toward the anchor point as the Lockjack magically drains the incoming line! Most buyers prefer the swivel-attach model, which compensates for twisting activity and provides optimal handle position at all times. 

The Lock Jack is CE certified (the European standard) and meets all the strength requirements of ANSI. Two carabiners of choice are required for attachment to your harness along with arborist grade 1/2 inch (11.5mm) climbing line such as New England High-Vee with an eye spliced in one end (not included but easily supplied). For further information about use or Lock Jack advantages visit or give us a call weekdays between 8am and 5pm EST.

•Compact and lightweight
•Eliminates need to manually advance hitch
•Eliminates rope-on-rope friction
•No knot tying or untying
•Easy to learn and master ascending and descending
•More responsive than other doubled rope connections
•Greatly reduces energy required to climb
•No melting of knots when descending swiftly

Lock Jack Instructions (PDF)
Lock Jack Important Carabiner Recommendation for ART (PDF)
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Additional Information

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