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Bug Barrier Tree Band 30ft Kit

Bug Barrier Tree Band 30ft Kit
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BugBarrier is a simple-to-install and non-poisonous approach to effectively trapping and killing a list of insects capable of defoliating full-grown trees.

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BugBarrier Tree Band is a simple-to-install and non-poisonous approach to effectively trapping and killing a list of insects capable of defoliating full-grown trees. BugBarrier Tree Band works the entire season to catch canker worms, gypsy moths, ants or similar insects on a hidden, sticky surface that stops them from climbing trees.

The product arrives in two rolls. The first is dense cotton under layer that fills crevices in the bark to detour passage above. The second roll is a sticky and wide band capable of retaining thousands of tree-killing pests during the season. Although most pest movements happen in the spring and fall, check with your local extension service to find out the correct season. Best of all, when your customer sees how effectively this product works, you can expect a call every season!

BugBarrier Tree Band can be installed in 3-5 minutes and removed in about 30 seconds using the step by step instructions listed below. The only tools required are scissors or utility knife and, for deeply furrowed bark, a putty knife.

• Effective non-chemical barrier to climbing and crawling insects.
• Easy to install and remove.
• Effective against bugs yet harmless to the touch.
• Doesn't stain bark of otherwise affect tree's health.
• Effective against spring and fall cankerworm, forest tent caterpillar larvae, gypsy moth larvae, ants and most other crawling insects.

Please read entire product label before use.

BugBarrier Tree Band Instructions (PDF)
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Additional Information

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Customer Reviews

Highly recommend with one catch... Review by Sterland
I have used the bug barrier tree band for three years now and it has been extremely effective in controlling tent caterpillars in the river birch trees that I have installed them on. The one recent development that I have experienced is that birds in the area have discovered the cotton batting used in the tree band kit and decided they didn't like it or wanted to use it as nesting material. Either way it rendered the old tree band useless and I had to order another kit and install it on the trees with a plastic Saran Wrap like product to keep the birds out of the cotton batting. I have seen this kit with some sort of tape to accomplish this same goal on other sites but I wanted to order from someone I have done business with before and I trust. Perhaps Sherrill Tree will carry this additional product in the future? Or do they already and I just missed it? (Posted on 3/20/2017)
Definitely recommend Review by Satisfied
Tree bands were great. Easy to install and far more attractive than other bands I've seen. (Posted on 1/5/2017)
Great product Review by Ian
This product is so much easier, less messy and faster to install than the old traditional pine tar on paper. It's also easier to take down and doesn't leave a stain like pine tar sometimes does. Since the glue is only on the inside you don't get leaves and other debris stuck on it, leaving plenty of room to capture those canker works. At roughly $3/foot I averaged about $10/tree versus the $25 my landscaper was previously charging me. (Posted on 10/27/2014)