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Petzl Swivel Large

Petzl Swivel Large
Item #: 31069
Ball bearing swivel. Positioned between the rope and the load, the swivel allows the load to turn without twisting the rope. Accepts up to three carabiners on the load side. Sealed ball bearings. 36kN, 5in length, 5.3 ounces, aluminum alloy.

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Tree climbing requires a lot of moving around while on rope, which usually means a lot of twisting. If you’re like a lot of climbers, the worst time to untwist your line comes when you’re in the most precarious positions and, although rarely life threatening, it certainly can be inconvenient. Petzl developed these precision swivels to relieve just such twisting. You’ll really appreciate the smooth swivel action of sealed ball bearings inside the forged alloy body, for years to come. The Large swivel is designed to accommodate two-person loads in rescue situations, and can have up to three connectors attached in the ends.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Weight 0.42 lb.
Final Sale Item No
Brand Petzl
Color Black/Red
Length 5 in
UPC Code 3342540059900

Customer Reviews

Good piece with many possibilities. Review by DS
To start, this swivel is rather large- but you won't notice after a few climbs. I used it on my bridge for two years (second owner, previous owner used it for the same function for a few years) and really enjoyed it.

Function- instead of having to think of twisting up your bridge ring or your ddrt line, this swivel allows you to position how you need when you need to while keeping your system tangle free. When using two systems (which is no sweat with the size of the rings) orient your rope tails away from each other when you clip in, which most of us do anyway, and you will be able to work on either side of the system, or in line with it without any problem. Tip: when using your lanyard, make sure your tail is outside the loop of your clipped in lanyard, and you can pull your rope tail over your head to swirch to the other side of your system and the stem you are attached to.

Design- again, it is large, but that means versatile. You can get creative with what can be clipped in to assist with your task at hand. It is also strong. After years of running on a bridge, it showed no significant grooving. One with major grooving was broken for testing, and the break was at the swivel (at its MBS, no less) and not at the grooving.

Quality- I knocked a star off for quality because the bearings in mine started grinding recently, which was unsettling. Sure, it's seen some use, but they are rates to take much more abuse than being used on a bridge. I hope to look into it further to better understand, so I won't be harsh toward the product. It's a great price for a good piece of hardware. Just inspect it regularly as with any kit, and remove it from service if you have questions. Then, ask those questions to your retailer or the manufacturer for your sake, theirs, and the community's. (Posted on 7/5/2016)
Great! Review by Cesar
I bought one almost 3 years ago!works great - space for 3 binnes/systems. no complaints! (Posted on 9/5/2013)