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Quest Cut Guard Tree Wound Dressing 16oz.

Quest Cut Guard Tree Wound Dressing 16oz.
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Biological Plant Wound Dressing
Quest Cut Guard's tree wound dressing is a biological active product that aids in the healing of plant wounds caused
by pruning, cutting, string trimmers and accidental damage.

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Cut Guard Tree Wound Dressing is unlike any other wound dressing in history. Cut Guard is a biologically derived wound dressing designed specifically for treatment of pruning cuts, mover strikes, string trimmer damage, lightening damage or other physical damage to tree wood tissue. Cut Guard was developed by first understanding how trees physiological respond to wound damage and injury then capitalizing upon the metabolic process of sealing and compartmentalization.

Cut Guard forms a breathable osmotic film on the wound that rapidly penetrates into the wound phloem and cambial rays that allows air transpiration through and into the wound area. It creates a fungal barrier that denies fungal pathogen entry into the wound and prevents and repels insect invasion into the wound.

• Signals plants to form callus protective tissue in and around the wound.
• Contains UV sunlight protective shield inhibitor.
• Signals the plant to seal and compartmentalize.
• Lasts for 18 to 24 months on and in the wound.
• Easy soap and water clean-up.

Please read entire product label before use.

Cut Guard Wound Dressing Instructions (PDF)
Cut Guard Wound Dressing MSDS (PDF)
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