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Tree Tech Vivid II Abamectin Insecticide Micro Injection 25

Tree Tech Vivid II Abamectin Insecticide Micro Injection 25
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A new biorational insecticidal compound by Novartis is available for controlling elm leaf beetle, scales, mites, aphids and other pests. Tree Tech is the only source of abamectin for tree microinjection in California.

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Vivid II (Abamectin) is a new biorational insecticidal compound for controlling adelgids, aphids, Brown Tail Moth, Elm Leaf Beetle, Lace Bug, Lygus Bug, Mites, Oak Worm, scale, White Pine Weevil, Engraver Beetle, Eucalyptus Borer, & Flathead Borer.

VIVID II systemic insecticide is for use by commercial applicators on all species of ornamental and non-crop-bearing trees, and ornamental woody shrubs in commercial and residential landscapes, interior and exterior plantscapes, roadsides, gardens, parks, golf courses, lawns or grounds and other areas where trees and woody shrubs are grown. VIVID II systemic insecticide will be translocated throughout the vascular system of the plant.

General Instructions (Read Entire Label):
• Use one 2 mL Vivid II microinjection unit for every 6 inches of tree trunk circumference.
• Unless otherwise noted, microinjection units should be installed in the stem and root flares near the ground line (i.e., 2-8" from the soil surface).
• Microinjection units containing VIVID II may require up to several minutes or more to empty depending on the health of the treated tree and local weather conditions.
• Remove with caution. Never assume that microinjection units have depressurized completely because they appear nearly empty or empty.

Please read entire product label before use.

Shopudea Spotlight : Treating for Whiteflies in Florida (PDF)

VIVID II Micro Injection Instructions (PDF)
VIVID II Micro Injection MSDS (PDF)

Tree Tech Microinjection Systems Unit Instructions (PDF)

NOTE: Sold in Boxes of 25 only. Price break on multiple boxes.

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Additional Information

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